Based in a dystopian-cyberpunk future; Wetware is a unique strategy game with a hacking twist. You must strategically attack networks, steal information, crash nodes all the while protecting your own assets from enemy corporations. Counter the competition by amassing a variety of elite hackers, generating funds and establishing an empire of superior networks. Only by doing this will you be able to survive in the domain of corporate espionage.

Should I be excited about - Wetware? (Calm Down Tom)

We all like a good neon-lit hacking game, right '80s aesthetes? Good news then from Reality Council Games, who send word Wetware, a single-player game of computer war and espionage happenings.

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Wetware sets players in a dystopian future with one goal: to take over the world through digital networks. Players will break into networks belonging to enemy corporations and steal their assets and information while simultaneously trying to protect their own.

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Welcome to Wetware, an upcoming 80s-tinged cyberpunk strategy game from Reality Council that puts you in charge of a "megacorporate network" and tasks you with, well, taking over the internet.

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In fact, it's that particular strand of completely unrealistic neon-blue hacking game; the type that transports you into the tension-filled world inhabited by certain ridiculously cheesy films. Hack the planet!

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It's clear that there's potential for something really engrossing here.[...] Little details like the ever-present news ticker and email correspondence with various people help to flesh out the world, even with the minimalist visuals. Nice little touches like the ability to name your nodes and put them where you like will help to add some personal depth to proceedings. Forget Neo-Tokyo and the Sprawl of New York, make Glasgow the next classic cyberpunk locale.

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