What we collect

Through Reality Council website(s) we may collect information such as web browser version and IP address automatically. Such information is anonymous and is not tied to any specific person. We may also collect information such as your name and an email address which we may use to contact you. Such information will be provided solely on a voluntary basis and can be retracted at any time (see below).

For our alpha and beta programs we may also ask for information regarding your PC usage including hardware, OS version, and frequency of use as well as any feedback you provide during or after testing. Again, this information is provided on a voluntary basis.

What we use it for

Information we gather may be used to improve products and services that we offer, or plan to offer in the future. It may also be used to track repeat visits to Reality Council websites or services (via browser cookies) in order to provide you with the best experience possible.

We may also use information such as name and email address to contact you about specific relevant topics (e.g. updated versions of software you have purchased), and additional information provided such as hardware and OS version to provide you with any support that you may require.

We will never use any of your information to provide marketing to you unless you have explicitly opted in to receive marketing material.

Who can use it

Information stored by us will never be sold, leased, distributed to, or otherwise accessed by third parties (except where required by law). In the event that a third party requires access to your information by law, we will make whatever attempts we can to contact you beforehand to ensure you are aware of third party access.


In order to prevent unauthorised third party access, suitable physical and electronic safeguard procedures have been put in place and procedures are reviewed on a regular basis to ensure maximum security.

Removing and accessing your own personal information

We comply fully with the Data Protection Act 1998. If you wish to see what personal information we have stored for you, please send an email to info@realitycouncil.com at any time. Accessing personal information may require further security verification procedures to ensure you are only accessing your own information. If you discover any information we have stored to be inaccurate or outdated, please contact us as soon as possible with the correct information at the aforementioned email address.

If you wish all personal information we have stored for you to be removed entirely, please contact us at the aforementioned email address and we will remove all traces of your personal information as soon as possible.

Note that removing all personal information will prevent us from being able to issue updated versions of products or provide product keys, and may hinder our ability to provide support to you.

Changes to this policy

It is possible that this policy may require changes occasionally. You should check this policy regularly to see if any changes affect you.

This privacy policy was last updated June 25th 2013